FinchTV chromatogram viewer is a popular desktop application that was developed by Geospiza, Inc. for viewing trace data from Sanger DNA Sequencing (scf or ab1 file formats). We are making FinchTV freely available here as a service to the community.  FinchTV does not collect location or usage data.

Download FinchTV 1.5 for MacOS X  *If you have problems installing FinchTV on a Mac, we have some helpful hints below.

Download FinchTV 1.4.0 for Windows


Helpful hints for installing FinchTV on MacOSX

1.  Download FinchTV for MacOS X.
2.  Go to your Downloads Folder.
3.  Hold the control key down and right click the file name (FinchTV)
4.  Choose Open (it’s the middle button).

Newer MacOSX operating systems (Catalina, etc) prevent you from installing apps that haven't come from the Apple store. Since FinchTV is an older program, you need to temporarily override the security system in order to open it.

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