The annual Bio-Link summer fellows forum is coming

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Sandra Porter
Every June, an incredible event takes place. Biotechnology educators gather in Berkeley, California, from across the US, to discuss new trends in biotechnology education, learn from each other and share information about educating students for the biotechnology workforce. There are tours of local biotech companies like Genentech and local research institutes like the cancer center at UCSF. New kits and techniques can be tried and practiced in hands-on workshops. And instructors get to practice new bioinformatics techniques like analyzing Next Generation DNA sequencing data or working with data from microarrays. This year Bio-Link has 18 fellowships to attend the conference. The fellowships cover registration costs, accommodations and meals. If you would like to be eligible for a fellowship, it's time to apply. Information about the conference and a link to apply for a fellowship are available at Open registration will begin next week.

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