Bacterial metagenomics on the JHU campus: analyzing the data, part IV

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Sandra Porter
Do different kinds of biomes (forest vs. creek) support different kinds of bacteria? Or do we find the same amounts of each genus wherever we look? Those are the questions that we'll answer in this last video. We're going to use pivot tables and count all the genera that live in each biome. Then, we'll make pie graphs so that we can have a visual picture of which bacteria live in each environment. The parts of this series are: I. Downloading the data from iFinch and preparing it for analysis. (this is the video below) (We split the data from one column into three). II. Cleaning up the data III. Counting all the bacteria IV. Counting the bacteria by biome Note: My students found a strange bug that happens if you use Excel on a Windows computer and doesn't happen on Macs. If you use Excel on a Windows computer, you can only graph the data correctly if you copy the data from the pivot table and paste it into a new worksheet before you try to make the pie graphs. If you don't do this, the PivotTable shows bar graphs by default and then, refuses to let you make two different pie graphs.
Part IV. Pivot tables from Sandra Porter on Vimeo. For more information about this project, check here, here, here, and here.

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