Community college day at the NIH

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Sandra Porter
If all the information you had about scientific careers came from newspapers or TV, it would be easy to think that everyone who works in life sciences / biotechnology is either a Ph.D. scientist, post-doc, or graduate student.  In reality, the life sciences are more like an iceberg.  The public sees the people at the top, with advanced degrees, while the many people who have bachelors or associates degrees are hidden from view.       The NIH has realized that a fair number of people they hire are community college graduates who have associate degrees in biotechnology. Many students from the Germantown campus, at Montgomery College, MD, and The Community College of Baltimore County  have gone on to work at NIH. To better recruit these students and make more students aware of opportunities, the NIH has started hosting a day-long workshop specifically for community college students and instructors. The workshop will be held October 19th  and will include panel discussions, networking events, and sessions on job-finding skills. If you are interested, please RSVP by Oct. 5th. Dr. Toby Horn's blog post at Bio-Link has more information as well.

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