Cooking a turkey in an egg

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Sandra Porter
Thanksgiving is a holiday (in the U.S. at least) when we're all reminded about the things we're thankful for. At our house, we're thankful for the opportunity to cook all day and share a meal with friends and young adults. And, even though I haven't given my turkey an IP address, this is still a meal that deserves some documentation. Here's the turkey soaking in brine. That large pink tongue belongs to our dog.
Don't worry, we stopped her before she had a chance to stick her tongue in the brine, but she is a master of making the best of an opportunity. Here's the turkey, out of the brine, and waiting to be spiced.
Now, it's been sprinkled with chili powder and other mysterious concoctions from our cupboard.
These sunflowers are still blooming in our backyard.
The turkey enters the egg.
The roasting begins.
Let the feast begin. I hope your Thanksgiving moments are happy ones.

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