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Sandra Porter
Wow! One of my commenters, Ms. Baker, suggested an entirely new way that scientists can help with science education. The only requirement is that a science class have their own blog. So, if your science class has a blog, let me know, so I can share the URL and maybe recruit some scientists or at least graduate students, to take a look. I think this idea is so great! It doesn't involve any kind of traveling and many, many different scientists can participate, thus minimizing volunteer burn out. It also gives students a way to practice writing about what they do and interacting with the world. Plus, with digital documentation, you can show your future employers and teachers the kinds of things you've been doing. If your science class has a blog, put the URL in the comments and I will do my best to suggest that scientists visit, have a look, and do their best to say constructive things. Here's the first submission: And one from Bora, is Ms. Hoffman's AP class blog. I'd love to have more. Here are some new additions: Tomorrow's table from Pamela Ronald. This is going to be used for two months by students in a Genetics and Society class. Biology in Action: another student blog from Carl Bird.

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