Finding scientific papers for free: contributions from our readers

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Sandra Porter
I never thought that writing a blog would provide such a wonderful chance to learn from the community. In these past few days, I have learned so much from readers about finding and accessing information. Now, I want to share their knowledge with those of you who might not be checking the comments sections of my posts. I'm sure you, too, will be thankful for their contribution. The first set of great suggestions is here and next, the real information experts, the librarians chime in and demonstrate why they are the experts on finding information. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom or search for CogSciLibrarian. I suspect that this librarian can find any media that's been in print or other published form. Read the whole series:
  • part I A day in the life of an English physician,
  • part II Comparing different methods,
  • part III My new favorite method,
  • part IV One last experiment

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