Let's not forget the pets!

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Sandra Porter
Lots of new and curious gift selections are available this year for those of you who had a dog or know a dog owner. All kinds of interesting doggie presents are showing up, like doggie DNA tests and special nutrigenomic doggy diets. And of course, nothing tops the gift of fake testicles for the dog who's never quite recovered from the big operation. It's true, the Bleiman brothers were the first to bring up the idea of presents for pets by suggesting the kitty toilet trainer as a holiday gift. Really, though, is that kind of gift that you give to the cat? or the owner? I just don't think a kitty toilet trainer is the kind of gift that my cats want. My cats want their own furniture. They'd especially prefer a nice warm computer keyboard where someone's trying to type, or if need be, a nice warm human lap, and they want plenty of food. None of that smelly wet stuff either, they want dry CD. And catnip! Don't forget the catnip! They want lots and lots of fresh fragrant, aromatic catnip. If you have a dog on the other hand, you're really in luck! i-455cabae0ab37f7be96c21e6f510082c-dog.jpgDog and Kennel Magazine has a lovely article that details all the benefits of a specialized, personal genomic, diet for your friendly pup. I'm a bit skeptical that the nutigenomic dog diet is really going to help those Labs with arthritis, but hey, K9Genetics has the food to help. Just don't tell my dog. Perhaps, though, the must-have doggie goodie for male dogs (or maybe male dog owners), are the Neuticles. Neuticles are fake testicles for dogs that can help them get through the trauma of becoming civilized. I have a female dog, so I can't comment on the importance of aesthetic replacement parts, but as they say at the Neuticles web site, "It's like nothing ever changed." Perhaps Neuticles could also be a great gift for the wives of male dog owners who sympathize with their dogs, just a bit too much.

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