A molecule for May

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Sandra Porter
APRIL was so much fun, that I thought I should find a molecule for May. I searched both the Gene database, the structure database, everywhere, without any luck. i-489db57408aca45410a506f355e57853-may1.png Finally, I decided to change the search and use the date instead of the name of the month. And here we have it, straight from PubChem. A molecule for May. 05012008 is the compound substance ID. 5/1/2008 Update: This structure turned out to be a bit surprising. Not does it look highly reactive, it also seems to disappear in the PubChem database. Sometimes I can find it by using the SID, sometimes I can't. I hate that. For those of you who were wondering where it was and why you couldn't find it, I don't know the answer to that. I do know that today's date is the SID, not the CID and it wasn't easy to find. Here's the whole picture - with the SID and the CID - and I linked the picture to the record. Of course, I don't know where that link will take me tomorrow. ;-)

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