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Sandra Porter
Calling all scientists and science-fans: you can help with science education by letting students know you're interested. How? Go and comment on classroom blogs and wikis. I've been gradually collecting some blogs from different classes and I've even had some brave volunteers offer theirs for review. So here goes:
  2. Ms. Hoffman's AP class blog
  3. Tomorrow's table from Pamela Ronald. This is going to be used for two months by students in a Genetics and Society class.
  4. Biology in Action
  5. Evolution and Diversity (Biol 124) at
  6. A microbiology class blog:
  7. classblogmeisterThis one has lots of student entries listed on the left side. What fun!
  8. Last, in our growing list, we have a Genetics wiki site from Margaret Henderson at VCU.
Maybe I'll give this a try, too. Enjoy! Oh yeah, and Pbwiki has a contest where you can win a premium wiki.

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