No room for your body at ScienceOnline 2010? Follow along in SecondLife!

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Sandra Porter
Okay, I'll grant that visiting Second Life can seem a bit uncomfortable, especially at first, but it does open some new doors and present an alternative to travel. In flu season, virtual visits could be the next best thing to being there. (Yikes, that sounds like an ad. No more yahoo news for me!) Here's where you can attend ScienceOnline 2010 in Second Life ( The next excuse might be that you don't know how to use Second Life or what to do. Never fear. That's a solvable problem. I have a primer on attending a conference in Second Life. I've done it and survived. i-5072b57f6d4c4c4f27306fe41bf63402-clothes.gif Jump right in! The water's fine.

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