Pfizer will donate dollars to science education- but only if you vote

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Sandra Porter
Pfizer has pledged to donate up to $10,000 to the cause of science education, through, but only if enough of you, dear readers go to Big Think: Think Science Now and vote for your favorite video. If you're not familiar with Pfizer, they're a pretty well-known drug company. You probably read about one of their products every time you delete messages from your e-mail in-box. You don't even have to watch the videos, just vote. I strongly recommend watching the videos, though. They are all profiles of scientists who work at Pfizer or other research organizations. It's pretty interesting to hear their stories and learn about their careers. The fund raiser will have a limited shelf-life, but hopefully BigThink will keep the profiles up for a while. This is a great resource for providing students a snapshot of scientists and their careers. I'm also impressed with Pfizer for profiling the most diverse group of scientists that I've ever seen outside of a real lab.

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