Professor Steve Steve caught experimenting with human subjects!

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Sandra Porter
Professor Steve Steve, recently accused of consorting with a certain Washington madam came clean today with an alibi that he claims, proves the allegations are nothing more than malicious lies. Dr. Steve insists that he was at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center doing experiments with teachers! And he has the photos to prove it! Professor Steve Steve, the only panda with a Myspace page does seem to hit more locations in a night than our friend Santa Claus. He also travels more frequently. Some of you may remember the incidents of last winter, when Dr. Steve "got down" with a few low life maggots and partied like a wild panda at the AAAS conference. But Steve has had a rough year. He was panda-napped after a pleasant dinner in Ann Arbor and later, forcibly made to confront the twisted world of creationism by people that he thought were his friends. Poor Steve! He almost got eaten by a "vegetarian dinosaur." But he's past all that. After a visit to San Francisco with Bora, Professor Steve Steve flew north to Seattle to hang out with me. He experimented with structures, right alongside teachers at the SEP Protein Boot Camp. Dr. Steve Steve and I demonstrated how to find structures in the NCBI's molecular modeling database and how to work with structures using Cn3D.

Steve has an idea for an activity! Now, now, wait your turn Dr. Steve.


Steve asks a question about using cytochrome C to study evolutionary relationships.


Dr. Steve Steve is always a hit with the ladies.

Tune in again to see more of the continuing adventures of Dr. Steve Steve. Later this week, he travels with me to visit the Fralin Biotechnology Conference in Blacksburg, VA. Hopefully, I can keep Professor Steve Steve out of trouble.

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