The wonders of webinars

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Sandra Porter
One of my favorite web 2.0 technologies is the webinar. When you work at a company and not a University, with constant seminars, it gets a bit harder to hop on a bus and travel across town to learn about new things. Webinars are a good way to fill that gap. I grab my coffee cup, put on my headphones, and I get to listen to someone tell me about their work for an hour and show slides over the web. It's nice. Our company is even going to be involved in two webinars in the next two months. One of us is giving an Illumina webinar tomorrow on managing Next Generation Sequencing data. A description of the webinar and digital gene expression workflows is here. Next month, yours truly will be assisting (if needed) in a science education webinar on cloning novel plant genes and using bioinformatics to sort out good and bad data and figure out what you've cloned. You can register for that one here.

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