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This six minute video describes some of the history of bioinformatics. Read more

BLAST for beginners introduces students to blastn, a commonly used tool for comparing nucleotide sequences (DNA and RNA). This popular tutorial shows how to do a blast search with a nucleotide sequence, highlights information in the search results, and shows how to interpret the E value and alignment scores. Read more


BLAST for beginners
This tutorial is designed as a quick introduction to the BLAST family of sequence analysis programs.

These slides show a progression of steps in using blastn, beginning at the home page for the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) ( ) and ending at PubMed , a tool for searching scientific literature. In this series, you will see how to submit a nucleotide sequence, compare it to ... Read more

Salmon by DWBio

DNA barcoding is an important technique for identifying many kinds of animals, insects, and plants. In this technique, PCR is used to amplify a short (650 base) region of the MT-COI gene from mitochondrial DNA. The DNA sequence is then determined from the PCR product. If this sequence has been found before, it can be used to identify the type of organism that contributed the DNA.

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by Sandra Porter

On pinene and inhibiting enzymes.

People of a certain age may remember a series of really funny commercials featuring Euell Gibbons and his famous question about whether you've ever eaten a pine tree. " Some parts are edible " said Euell.

Perhaps some parts are, but other pine tree products aren't so nourishing.

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Microarray and Next Generation DNA sequencing technologies have given us new abilities to understand how living things respond to environmental change. One of the ways we can use this new information is to study gene expression under different conditions. In this activity, we will explore microarray data from plants as they experience drought. Read more

This five and half minute video introduces some of the basic skills for using Cn3D. Read more

Last fall, Dr. Thomas Tubon and I presented a Bio-Link webinar on Genome Engineering with CRISPR-Cas9. Since my part will be to help our audience understand the basics of this system, I prepared a short tutorial with Molecule World . Enjoy!

A Quick CRISPR Tutorial

Go to the Digital World Biology CRISPR Structure Collection . Download the second item in the list, 5F9R, by clicking the link in the Download ... Read more

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