Molecule World goes to camp!

Sandra Porter
Sun Jul 05, 2015

by Sandra Porter

Digital World Biology is happy this summer to be partnering with Shoreline Community College and NWABR to help students attending their summer camps, Project Biotech and Camp BIOmed, explore 3D structures of proteins, DNA, chemicals and other substances, in Molecule World.

At one time, scientists didn't even consider working with molecular models unless they had high power, specialized, computer systems and expensive, complicated software to go with it. We've been working to change that model but old ideas die hard. Many teachers and scientists still don't realize what vast worlds of molecular and chemical structures they can investigate with a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad and user-friendly software like Molecule World.

This summer Digital World Biology will be collaborating with two groups,Shoreline Community College and NWABR, that offer research experiences for local students through summer camps: Project Biotech and CampBIOmed.

Students in both camps will be using Molecule World to explore 3D structures of proteins, DNA, chemicals and other substances available in public databases such as the PDB, MMDB (the NCBI structure database), and PubChem.

Students in the Project Biotech camp (Shoreline Community College) will be exploring antibodies and learning how antibodies can be used to help prevent infection. Students in NWABR's Camp BIOmed will be engaged in multiple kinds of projects, from DIY science to bioinformatics and CSI-style investigations.
Both camps serve high school students between grades 9-12.
This antibody image was captured from the iPad version of Molecule World. The protein chains and sugars are colored by molecule and the cysteines are colored by element and drawn in a Spacefill style.

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