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Community colleges: the new frontier for advanced biotechnology education and laboratory services: a recap.

Back in March, we [Digital World Biology,, and the AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center] hosted a panel discussion at the ABRF annual meeting to introduce community colleges to ABRF and vise versa. I am pleased to report that the session was a great success.

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Having worked around biotechnology for several years, I thought I was pretty familiar with biotech job ... Read more

Well, I had to test Scribd with something. Why not use a document on the Massachusetts Life Sciences Industry? Scribd is sort of like the YouTube of electronic paper. I found Scribd from TomJoe's post about Life on Mars. His PowerPoint talk is really much more interesting than the life science document that I uploaded as a test, but since you're here anyway, you might as well take a look. What does Scribd do? It solves the "waiting for ... Read more

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