DNA replication

by Todd Smith

Linear chromosomes are hard to maintain.

Replication fork - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomere .

Every time their DNA gets replicated, it gets shorter. This is due to the fact that DNA polymerase can only add bases to the terminal 3'-OH of a DNA chain. The DNA replication initiation complex uses RNA primers to provide the initial 3'-OH and to initiate "lagging" strand synthesis. While one strand can be copied all the way to the ... Read more

by Todd Smith

Previously , I introduced the idea that the $1000 genome has not been achieved because it is defined in simplistic terms that ignore many aspects of data completeness and verification. In that analysis, I cited a recent perspective by Robasky, Lewis, and Church [1] to present concepts related to the need to verify results and the general ways in which this is done. In this and the next few posts I will dig deeper into the elements of sequence data uncertainty and discuss how results are verified.

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