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Over 55,000 people die each year from rabies, a disease that is 100% preventable, according to Dr. Guy Palmer, who spoke last night at the University of Washington. Dr. Palmer is from the School for Global Animal Health, a group that works towards improving global health through advancing preventative care for both humans and animals. One of the preventative measures is through rabies vaccination.

Are you interested in global health? The Washington Global Health Alliance is looking for an education professional, with a life science or science education background (BS or higher) to help train faculty and students at the high school level. The complete announcement is below, the appointment would be at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute in the BioQuest program. The Washington Global Health Alliance is pleased to announce the commencement of the WGHA Ambassadors Program: a collaboration of leading state global health institutions and four Washington State high schools ... Read more

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